xWinLib Features:

The xWinLib library is a JavaScript framework optimized for the creation and execution of sophisticated browser-based desktop, mobile, and tablet applications and advanced web pages. xWinLib provides a self-contained client-side platform that integrates windowing, events, ajax, user interface, drag and drop, web 2.0+, data portability, and more within a single cross-browser platform.

xWinLib supports auto-detection of gesture-based platforms and automatically enables touch drag, drop, move, resize, and even pinch/zoom functionality.

Library Size:Platforms Supported:Browser Versions:
~40k (server optimized, completely self-contained*)Windows, Mac, LinuxGoogle Chrome, IE 5.5+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari 2+, Opera 8.5+
*The xWinLib theme library containing XP, Vista, and Mac window themes is a separate 2k source file.

      » Current xWinLib version: 2.1  (see release notes)

xWinLib is implemented by adding two lines of code to your web page in order to gain full access to the framework’s features, and it seamlessly integrates with any server-side language, including: PHP, JSP, ASP, PERL, .NET, VB, APX, FGL, RUBY, PYTHON, and more...


Some of the features found within the xWinLib library include:

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Drag and Drop:



Data Portability:

The xWinLib library contains lots of additional functionality, including effects, UI controls, menus, common functions, classes, and so much more. Consult the documentation for additional information.

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Cross-platform support for
multiple window themes

Unlimited window styles,
textures, and shapes

Cool modal windows
with transparency

Advanced parent/child
window support

Integrated ajax support

Embeddable web sites with
customizable themes